Eddy Finn Textured Ash Ukulele

A ukulele fit for a Prince! 

Hand selected quilted ash with a open matte finish has an unmistakable look and sound. No two are exactly alike and when you combine a solid mahogany neck and walnut bridge you have an exquisite ukulele thats great for any player.

Purple Uke - front and back.png
Purple Uke 1.jpg

With a list price of $149.99, our Friday Feature Special of only $119.95 is a steal!


Water Drums by Sue Westhues

These gourd water drums will make the perfect addition to your percussion collection!

Water Drums.jpg

Water drums have been used in music all over the world, including in Native American Indian music, African traditions, Mayan history, present day Mexico, and more. Made by local artisan Sue Westhues, each one of these gourd water drums creates a unique tone as it floats in the water. Pick up some water drums as part of our Friday Feature Special for 10% off today!

FRIDAY FEATURE SPECIAL = $18 (one mallet included per drum)

"Nicolaus Amatus Fecit in Cremona 1671" Violin Replica

This incredible violin, likely made in the early 1900's, is a replica of a high quality "Nicholaus Amatus, fecit in Cremona 1671" violin (as seen in the inside label).  Violin replicas from this era are often highly sought after for their superior craftsmanship and sound, and this violin certainly does not disappoint.


Nicolo Amati came from a long line of incredible influential luthiers from Cremona, Italy. This replica is not intended to be a "fake", but rather a turn of the century fine instrument to be valued and played. Now on sale as part of our "Friday Feature" special!

FRIDAY FEATURE SPECIAL = $599 (original, vintage violin case included)

Antique 6-String Lute Guitar

Our Friday Feature today is an early music masterpiece!  Check out this antique 6-string Lute Guitar!  

Lute front and back.jpg
Lute 2.jpg

The first-known single-strung guitar with 6 strings originated in Italy in the late 18th century.  This style guitar was one of the precursors to the guitar as we know it now. likely an inspiration for the current guitar that we call a Classical.

This particular lute has remained in a single family with only 2 previous owners it's whole life - a truly rare find.  It is likely an Italian Lute from the Mid-19th Century, styled after the Italian Renaissance and Baroque lutes of the 14th to 17th centuries.  Get a piece of Early Music history with this incredible instrument!


Hammered Dulcimers by White River Dulcimer Company

White River Dulcimer Company specializes in quality, affordable hammered dulcimers and hammered dulcimer accessories hand made in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Today we feature these incredible instruments, made with a dedication to quality and attention to detail that is second to none!

Meadowlark 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer by White River Dulcimer Company

Meadowlark 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer by White River Dulcimer Company

The Meadowlark 13/12 hammered dulcimer (shown above), is built with the student in mind and has been in production for over twenty years. Fun and intuitive to play, the Meadowlark is the perfect instrument to build your foundation. Constructed from quality materials, the Meadowlark boasts hard maple pin blocks, a walnut frame and comes standard with a Baltic birch-ply top.

Traveler 14/13 Hammered Dulcimer by White River Dulcimer Company

Traveler 14/13 Hammered Dulcimer by White River Dulcimer Company

The Traveler 14/13 hammered dulcimer (shown above), is designed with the traveling musician in mind.  Offering a larger playing range than the Meadowlark, it is more in line with larger instruments in the same small package. The Traveler is perfectly suited for the musician on the go and it's bright tone will be heard in any jam. The Traveler comes standard with a Baltic birch-ply top and sound hole rosette.

Navigator 15/14 Hammered Dulcimer by White River Dulcimer Company

Navigator 15/14 Hammered Dulcimer by White River Dulcimer Company

The Navigator 15/14 hammered dulcimer is the newest addition to the White River Dulcimer Company family of instruments. Offering the standard 15/14 range in a compact package and built off the back of the Traveler, the Navigator stretches the limits to push your playing forward. Shown here with a beautiful solid-Mahogany top, this instrument has an incredible sweet sound at an affordable price!

All three of these Hammered Dulcimers by White River Dulcimer Company are currently available at Weed Patch Music Company at their lowest prices ever! Dulcimer packages include:  Hammered Dulcimer, Set of Hammers, Tuning Wrench, Dowel Stand for Tabletop use, and now available with Sitting or Standing Height Stands included!

Meadowlark Package = $449.99

Traveler Package = $499.99

Navigator Package (Solid Mahogany) = $649.99

Handbuilt Guitars by Ron Volbrecht

Local Master Guitar Luthier Ron Volbrecht is very well known in Brown County and around the country as one of the greatest luthiers in the Midwest.  His guitars are favorites of working musicians around the country and offer an incredible sound, perfect intonation, and an undeniable attention to detail.  Played by famous musicians such as Hoyt Axton (Folk Music Singer/Songwriter), Richie Sambora (Lead Guitarist for Bon Jovi), John Mellencamp (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Local), and John Oates (Hall & Oates), you now have chance to own your very own! We are very proud to currently have 2 of Ron's incredible guitars here at Weed Patch Music Company!  

2 Volbrechts (1of3).jpg

The Dreadnaught Guitar shown here was purchased from Ron's shop in the early 2000's and has been played by working musicians in Brown County for the last 18 years.  This Acoustic Electric guitar features a Solid Curly Maple Body, Ebony Fingerboard, and Abalone and Mother of Pearl binding and inlays.  Purchased originally for $6500.00, this guitar truly is a steal! Offering a special FRIDAY FEATURE DEAL this weekend for only $3499.99!

Handbuilt Dreadnaught Guitar - NOW ONLY $3499.99

Handbuilt Dreadnaught Guitar - NOW ONLY $3499.99

Volbrecht Dread - other views.jpg

The Handbuilt Jumbo Body Guitar shown below has a full, rich sound and an incredible bass response.  This custom-built Volbrecht was purchased from Ron's shop in the 1990's and is truly a work of art unlike any others.  This guitar has seen many years of songwriting and performing and continues to sound better and better as it ages.  Now available as part of our FRIDAY FEATURE DEAL for only $4750.00!!

Handbuilt Jumbo Body - Now only $4750.00!

Handbuilt Jumbo Body - Now only $4750.00!

Volbrecht Jumbo - other views.jpg

Recording King EZ Tone Select 000

The Recording King EZ Tone Select puts great tone in easy reach. The EZ Tone Select 12-Fret 000 is a great-sounding acoustic with an ultra-thin finish and unparalleled playability.


The EZ Tone Select is built with a solid spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, a thin profile mahogany neck and an ultra thin finish. With a classic teardrop-style pickguard and soundhole rosette, this guitar backs up its classic sound with a great look. 

The EZ Tone Select 12-Fret 000 is a great-sounding acoustic with an ultra-thin finish and unparalleled playability.  With a price-tag under $300, this deal can't be beat!

Watch Out - Winter Is Here!!!

By far, the hardest season on an instrument is the winter!  Prepare your guitar for the cold & dry winter with these great guitar care and maintenance tips and tools!  Today we offer 10% off all humidifiers and hardcases for keeping your instruments safe and sound this season!


Tips for Protecting your instrument this winter:

1.  The safest place to store your guitar in the winter is in a hardcase!  When the furnace runs in your home in the winter, it essentially becomes a low-temperature kiln to the wood on your instrument.  As the wood dries out, it begins to contract and causes all sorts of problems!  Keeping your guitar in a good quality hardcase ensures that your guitar is stored at the same temperature and humidity level year-round!

2. Avoid exposing your instrument to any extremes in temperature!  Never leave an instrument in an extremely hot or extremely cold car.  An instrument, particularly the top, is very vulnerable to temperature and humidity changes.  When any extreme in temperature is presented, even more tension is put on the thin top creating the danger of cracked wood or finish.  Always allow your instrument to acclimate slowly to a new environment or keep it at a stable temperature to prevent damage.

3.  A small case humidifier can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run on guitar repairs! Keeping a humidifier in your instrument case keeps your case at the proper humidity, which helps to prevent changes to your action, buzzing on your fretboard, sharp fret edges, raised and cracked finishes, and cracks in the wood!  An ideal humidity level for your instrument is around 45% humidity!

Visit us at Weed Patch Music Company for all of your winter guitar care and maintenance needs! 

Clarke Original Tinwhistles

More than 170 years after the Clarke Tinwhistle was created, it still remains the favorite instrument of many musicians throughout the world.  Originally handcrafted by Robert Clark in 1843 in a tiny village in Suffolk, England, these whistles continue today to be handcrafted and thought to be the best available!

Clarke Original Tinwhistles - Available in the Key of "C" or "D"

Clarke Original Tinwhistles - Available in the Key of "C" or "D"

Simple materials, superior craftsmanship, and their own secret "recipe" help to  create the distinctive 'sweet' tone that sets the Clarke Tinwhistle apart from others to make it the choice of beginners and professional musicians alike!

Start your musical, magical adventure with the Tinwhistle today!


TK O'Brien's Walnut Creek Dulcimer Package

Since first appearing as we now know it in the Appalachian Mountains over 150 years ago, the mountain dulcimer has become one of the most popular and recognizable folk instruments in the United States. Easy to learn and fun to play, the mountain dulcimer is an excellent instrument for all ages.  Now is your chance to start playing!

TK Walnut Creek Dulcimer 1.jpg

TK O'Brien's Walnut Creek Dulcimer Package is an excellent instrument for beginner or intermediate dulcimer players.  Constructed of solid walnut on the top, back, sides, fretboard, and scroll head, this dulcimer provides a beautifiul warm tone reminiscent of the tone of early mountain dulcimers found in the Appalachian region. This 4-string dulcimer also features beautiful bluebird soundholes and closed gear tuners.  It also includes a black padded case, Intro to Mountain Dulcimer Book, Noter, and Pick to get you started!


Dean Backwoods 5-String Banjo

This Dean BW5 Backwoods Banjo offers a fantastic beginner bluegrass banjo at a very affordable price! With that classic, bright tone and traditional look, this deal won't last long! Deluxe hardshell case included!

Dean Banjo Feature.jpg

Constructed with attention to detail, the Dean Backwoods Series is a notably solid line of banjos with very appealing prices.  The 5-string Dean Backwoods BW5 Banjo offers traditional construction and materials such as a 25-5/16" scale mahogany neck, a mahogany rim, and a mahogany resonator. The 22-fret rosewood fingerboard has heart shaped position markers and the planetary banjo tuners keep all 5 strings in perfect tune.

These banjos typically sell new for $499, and today at Weed Patch, you can get one for only $359.99 with the hardcase included!!!

Don't miss this limited time offer!

FRIDAY FEATURE PRICE = $359.99 (Deluxe Hardcase Included)

Recording King Dirty 30's Single 0 Guitar

With a cool vintage look and a modest price tag, this Recording King Dirty 30's Series Single 0 Parlor guitar is one you should definitely check out!  And, you can get if for 10% off today!

Recording King RPS7.jpg

Like many of the Recording King guitars before it, this guitar pays homage to Depression-era guitars with a unique vintage styling.  The tobacco sunburst finished spruce top is striking and framed by vintage-style checkerboard binding, complete with a bound soundhole, Harmonella stencil fretboard inlays, bone nut and saddle, and ivory-button tuning machines.  The smaller body size and slim neck profile make it exceptionally comfortable for smaller players.  This li'l guitar is fun and effortlessly playable!


Tenor Ukulele Specials!

Tenor Ukulele Special.jpg

This weekend we are offering 10% off TWO of our favorite Tenor Ukuleles here at Weed Patch Music Company!

Nothing beats a locally-built instrument, and once you get your hands on this Handmade Tenor Ukulele by Steve Taft of Shelburn, Indiana, you'll see why!  This solid mahogany ukulele with a rosewood fretboard and bone nut/saddle has an incredible sound and is so easy to play!  Pick up this ukulele this weekend for only $405!

For a great tenor ukulele at an incredibly affordable price, check out the Diamondhead Tenor Ukulele.  This mahogany ukulele is currently strung with a low "G" string set, giving it a rich, deep tone.  Perfect for picking out some fingerstyle ukulele, baritone runs, or classical and flamenco style playing.  Try it out this weekend for only $84.85 (Gig bag included)!!


The Loar "Performer Series" Mandolin

The Loar LM-520VS F-Style Mandolin is your no frills, high-quality, great-sounding, hand-carved mandolin.  This high value mandolin delivers the high end tone, chop, and projection that mandolin players have come to expect from great mandolins by The Loar.

Featuring a hand-carved fully graduated spruce top, solid hand-carved maple back, and solid maple back and sides, this all-solid package can't be beat!  The maple neck has a comfortable rounded “V” profile finished with a padauk fretboard. The compensated adjustable ebony bridge and high quality vintage-style Grover tuning machines insure that these mandolins have great intonation and stay in tune no matter how hard they are played.

Perfect for players who want a high-quality, great-sounding hand-carved mandolin but don’t need all of the bells and whistles!  Get one today for 10% our regular prices!


Loar LM590 - front.jpg
Loar LM590 - close.jpg



Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are fun for all ages!  A set of Boomwhackers contains a full C Major Diatonic Scale, allowing you to create a variety of songs and sounds.  These lightweight, hollow tubes are color-coded and tuned to musical pitches by length.  Just strike the Boomwhackers together, on the floor, or on nearly any surface to create a musical tone!

Boomwhackers have become one of the most popular musical learning tools in classrooms and music therapy sessions around the world!  Perfect for preschool and elementary school classrooms, or for a little musical fun at home, Boomwhackers are a great way to get kids interested and learning about music at an early age!

But, Boomwhackers aren't just for kids!  These tuned percussion tubes have also become a popular tool for corporate events and festivals, as well.  And all of you creative types will love coming up with interesting and unique ways to make music with Boomwhackers!  Many popular musical artists have even begun incorporating Boomwhackers into their songs!  There is truly no limit to the creative possibilities!


Military Veteran Commemorative Dulcimer

Arnold Military Dulcimer - Front and Back.jpg

Handcrafted Dulcimer Made by Bill Arnold of Greencastle, Indiana

Today, in honor of Veterans Day, we feature this handcrafted Military Veteran Commemorative Dulcimer.  This beautiful 4-String mountain dulcimer features Cherry on the Top, Back, and Sides, offering a nice, bright sound with a warmth in the bass.  With a bubinga fretboard, abalone and wooden inlays, and gotoh tuners, this dulcimer is truly unique and with a sound to match.


Diamondhead Soprano Ukuleles

1. Diamondhead DU-100 Colored Ukuleles.png

Join the ukulele craze with your very own Diamondhead Soprano Ukulele - Available in bright, fun rainbow colors for everyone to enjoy! 

These ukuleles are constructed with the same attention to detail that one might expect in more costly instruments, but at an affordable price to get you started! The maple wood construction imparts a crisp, bright edge to the otherwise warm, airy island sound that is most familiar to all.  The painted fingerboards have accurately spaced, smooth and polished frets, while the guitar-style, geared tuners are accurate and effectively take the guesswork out of tuning.  And, each ukulele comes with it's own color-matched gig bag!


Diamonhead Ukes 1.jpg

1950's Vintage Harmony Acoustic Archtop Guitar

Did you know that in addition to providing beautifully handcrafted local instruments and a wide variety of new instruments for every level player, we also frequently carry unique and interesting Vintage instruments as well?

Harmony 1.jpg
Harmony 3.jpg

Check out this 1950's Vintage Harmony Acoustic Archtop Guitar! Today we feature this awesome vintage guitar for 10% off!