Watch Out - Winter Is Here!!!

By far, the hardest season on an instrument is the winter!  Prepare your guitar for the cold & dry winter with these great guitar care and maintenance tips and tools!  Today we offer 10% off all humidifiers and hardcases for keeping your instruments safe and sound this season!


Tips for Protecting your instrument this winter:

1.  The safest place to store your guitar in the winter is in a hardcase!  When the furnace runs in your home in the winter, it essentially becomes a low-temperature kiln to the wood on your instrument.  As the wood dries out, it begins to contract and causes all sorts of problems!  Keeping your guitar in a good quality hardcase ensures that your guitar is stored at the same temperature and humidity level year-round!

2. Avoid exposing your instrument to any extremes in temperature!  Never leave an instrument in an extremely hot or extremely cold car.  An instrument, particularly the top, is very vulnerable to temperature and humidity changes.  When any extreme in temperature is presented, even more tension is put on the thin top creating the danger of cracked wood or finish.  Always allow your instrument to acclimate slowly to a new environment or keep it at a stable temperature to prevent damage.

3.  A small case humidifier can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run on guitar repairs! Keeping a humidifier in your instrument case keeps your case at the proper humidity, which helps to prevent changes to your action, buzzing on your fretboard, sharp fret edges, raised and cracked finishes, and cracks in the wood!  An ideal humidity level for your instrument is around 45% humidity!

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