Great Guitar under $500 - The Recording King Torrefied Series!

Big News - We now have a new favorite guitar for under $500! Check out the Recording King Torrefied Series for an excellent affordable acoustic guitar with an incredible tone to match!

Recording King Torrefied Series Guitar.jpg

This RD-T16 guitar plays great up and down the neck and has a tone like no other in this price range. The torrefication process used on the Adirondack Spruce Tops in this series of guitars produces a great vintage tone similar to an instrument that has been broken in for years. Recording King has managed to create an easy to play guitar with punch, projection, and warm vintage-style tone everywhere on the fretboard - all for under $500.

Torrefaction is a specialized process used on these Recording King Adirondack spruce tops where the wood is heated at a low temperature in an oxygen-free environment.

This curing process reduces impurities in the wood and results in weight reduction and increased stiffness, producing a similar chemical transformation to wood that has been dried for decades.

The end result is a lightweight, extra-resonant top that produces similar tone to a vintage instrument that's been loved and played for years.

Come and try one out for yourself and see what you think!!!

Maple Leaf Pickin' Stick

We've got some fun new stuff for you! Check our newest Brown County Pickin' Stick!

Maple Leaf Pickin Stick 2.jpg

This fun and easy to play strumstick makes a perfect first instrument or an interesting addition to your musical collection! Built with a Dulcimer neck and tuned to Open D tuning, it is hard to hit a bad note on these strumsticks! Our Brown County Pickin’ Stick features maple leaf soundhole cutouts as an homage to those beautiful fall days here in Brown County and includes a piezo pickup so you can play it as an acoustic or electric instrument! Take home this Brown County treasure for only $189.00!

The Waterman Ukulele by Kala

Don’t say goodbye to Summer just yet! Grab one of these Kala Waterman Ukuleles and head out to the beach for some end of Summer fun!!! These versatile ukuleles are perfect for your outdoor adventures and fully waterproof to hold up to all the elements!!!

Originally created as an homage to the 1950’s era Maccaferri Islander Ukuleles which were once all the rage, the Waterman Ukuleles keep that Plastic Fantastic going with a ukulele made of a durable ABS composite material that is durable but still able to produce a great ukulele tone!

Kala Waterman Ukuleles are available in a variety of fun colors including Concert Sizes for $54.99 in Matte Chalkboard Black or Matte Sea Foam Green OR Soprano Sizes for $42.99 in Matte Black, Sea Foam Green, Tomato Red, Pale Yellow, Soft Pink, or Translucent! Also available is a fun Glow-in-the-Dark Soprano Waterman in Matte Aqua! All Waterman ukuleles include a tote bag so they are ready to throw over your shoulder and head out for your next adventure!!!

The Marimbula - made by Bill Arnold

The Marimbula - made by Bill Arnold (Greencastle, IN). Available as an Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric model!

The Marimbula - made by Bill Arnold (Greencastle, IN). Available as an Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric model!

The Marimbula is an African-derived folk instrument found largely across the Caribbean. This plucked box musical instrument is typically referred to as a “large box lamellophone”. This family of musical instruments produces sound when the player presses and releases the “lamellae”, which in this case are made of a Baltic Birch material. Similar instruments go by many names, including the kalimba, mbira, sanza, marimba, and thumb-piano!

The Marimbula usually plays the roll of bass guitar, providing the rhythmic and harmonic support for a band. While there are many designs and variations for this unique instrument, this version built by Bill Arnold of Greencastle, Indiana provides a great sound with 13 notes and all Baltic Birch Construction. Available as an Acoustic version for $450, or get an Acoustic-Electric Marimbula with Fishman pickup for $550!

Handbuilt Guitars by Thomas Roeger

It is time again for the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival here in Brown County this weekend and we can’t wait! For the last several years, the First Place Winner of the Fingerstyle Festival has been lucky enough to win a beautiful handcrafted guitar by our very own luthier represented here at Weed Patch Music Company - Thomas Roeger of Bloomington, Indiana! We are very proud to represent Tom and to stock a variety of his beautiful guitars here at our shop!

Just check out the beauty of this Florentine Cutaway Acoustic made with South American Leopardwood Back & Sides! This guitar (and several others made by Tom) will be on special this weekend at our shop for 10% off our Regular Prices! That’s a huge savings, so come by and check ‘em out!!

Roeger Florentine Cutaway Guitar with Info.jpg

Master Works 15/14 Hammered Dulcimer Package

Master Works Hammered Dulcimers always top the list when it comes to the absolute best in hammered dulcimers. Made by a small group of craftsmen in the rural southeast corner of Oklahoma, these instruments are known for their attention to detail and exceptional quality. That is why the Master Works hammered dulcimers are revered around the world AND are the choice of more than 20 National Champions. But, luckily, you don’t have to be a National Champion to afford one of these beautiful hammered dulcimers! Just check out our special on this Custom 15/14 Hammer Dulcimer Package!

MasterWorks 15 14 Hammered Dulcimer Consignment.jpg

This lightly used Master Works 15/14 Hammer Dulcimer gives you the opportunity to get your hands on one of these incredible instrument at a much more affordable price of nearly $200 off the new price of one of these instruments! Featuring a Mahogany soundboard, Rosewood bridges, Maple endrails, and Harrison Rose inlays, this is a beautiful instrument with an incredible sound to match!

This very lightly used Hammered Dulcimer is available now in our store for only $750 and includes the Dulcimer, Adjustable Height Stand, Master Works Padded Carrying Case, Felted Hammers, Single-sided hammers, and Tuning Wrench!

TK O'Brien's Pickin' Stick

Here is another fun and easy to play instrument that is perfect for all your backpacking and camping trips this summer! TK O’Brien’s Pickin’ Stick is like a cross between a guitar and a mountain dulcimer - hold it like a guitar, but play it like a dulcimer! This fun, lightweight, and easy to learn instrument is your perfect camping companion!

Each TK O’Brien Pickin’ Stick is made of Alder wood with a Mahogany neck and Walnut fretboard. Typical Pickin’ Stick tuning is DAD so dulcimer books can be used as a resource for playing. Each Pickin’ Stick includes a Carrying Case, Black Nylon Strap, Pick, Simple Playing Instructions, and a Songbook. Regularly Priced at $219.99, but available this Friday for 10% off!

Recording King Rattlesnake Resonator

Recording King is well known for it’s budget models of traditional-style guitars, and again they don’t disappoint with the new Recording King Rattlesnake Resonator Guitar! Resonator guitars have become synonymous with traditional American music and that good ol’ Delta blues, but often times for a beginner, those incredible National or Dobro brand resonators are just a bit out of budget. Recording King solves this problem with the affordable Rattlesnake Resonator!!!

Rattlesnake Resonator 1.jpg

The Recording King Wood Body Rattlesnake Resonator guitar may have a small body, but it packs quite a punch. It’s built around a Recording King handspun cone with a biscuit bridge and open pedestal-style soundwell, which creates a loud and broad sound. It’s got the vintage look, down-and-dirty sound, and affordable price point that you’re looking for in your first resonator guitar! Regularly priced at only $399.99 and available as part of our Friday Feature Special today only! Stop in to check out this deal!

Tin Can Microphone Package


Get yourself a real working microphone made out of a tin can with this CB Gitty microphone (available as a complete mic with a handle OR a build-your-own kit!). This Tin Can Microphone delivers a great old-time sound reminiscent of a vintage AM radio and is perfect for vocals and harmonica. Developed by Shane Speal and tested on the concert stage and in the recording studio with his Snake Oil Band, this is a great DIY project or way to get that vintage lo-fi sound.

Check out our Friday Feature offer with this Special Package Deal! Our full Friday Feature package includes a complete Tin Can Microphone with handle, 1/4” jack cord, DanElectro Honeytone Mini Amplifier, and Hohner Bluesband Harmonica - All for only $70.00!! This is a super-fun package with a great vintage sound! We only have one package available, so don’t delay!!!

New Weed Patch Music Swag!

Get out there and represent your favorite li’l music store with our newest apparel items! We now have brand new t-shirts and trucker hats available for sale here at our shop.! Hats or New Shirts are regularly priced at $20 each, but get in on this Friday Feature Special Offer and pick up any style hat or one of our brand new “Just Another Beautiful Day” T-shirts for 10% off this Friday only!!!

Weed Patch Beautiful Day Tshirt Final Photo.jpg
WP Trucker Hats Final Photo.jpg

Meet The Luthier with Alan Brittingham!

We’re finally back at it with our “Friday Feature” special offer this Friday and Saturday only! Today is a very special Friday Feature as we present our “Meet The Luthier” segment with local Seymour, Indiana builder Alan Brittingham!

We are very proud to be able to represent Alan and showcase all of his instruments here at our shop!

Check out any of Alan’s newest 3 guitars at our Friday Feature Special Price of 10% off this Friday and Saturday only!

Guitar DR0013 - Adirondack Spruce Top with Indian Rosewood Back & Sides


  • Side Port - Indian Rosewood/White Maple

  • Neck - Mahogany

  • Neck Block - Basswood/Rosewood

  • Headstock, Fingerboard, Bridge - Ebony

  • Rosette, Tailpiece - Rosewood/White Maple

  • Linings - Solid Laminated Basswood

  • Inlay & Fingerboard Dots - Gold Mother of Pearl

  • Trim - Tiger Maple/Rosewood & White Maple

  • Tuners - Chrome Gotoh 510’s

  • Topeakmart Case & D’Addario Humidifier Included

  • Regularly Priced - $

Guitar DR0014 - Adirondack Spruce Top with Sycamore Back & Sides


  • Side Port - Sycamore/Rosewood

  • Neck - Mahogany

  • Neck Block - Basswood/Madagascar Rosewood

  • Fingerboard, Bridge - Brazilian Cherry

  • Headstock - Sycamore

  • Rosette, Tailpiece - Sycamore/Rosewood

  • Linings - Solid Laminated Basswood

  • Inlay, Fingerboard Dots - Gold Mother of Pearl

  • Trim - Rosewood/White Maple

  • Tuners - Chrome Gotoh 510’s

  • Topeakmart Case & D’Addario Humidifier Included

Guitar DR0015 - Adirondack Spruce Top with Osage Orange Back & Sides


  • Side Port - Osage Orange/Black Maple

  • Neck - Mahogany

  • Neck Block - Basswood w/Osage Orange

  • Headstock, Fingerboard, Bridge - Ebony

  • Rosette, Tailpiece - Osage Orange/Black Maple

  • Linings - Solid Laminated Basswood

  • Inlay, Fingerboard Dots - Gold Mother of Pearl

  • Trim - Ebony/Black & White Maple

  • Tuners - Cosmo Black Gotoh 510’s

  • Topeakmart Case & D’Addario Humidifier Included

Boomwhackers - Fun for all Ages!

Haven't heard of Boomwhackers? These fun, color-coded, plastic percussion tubes are tuned to musical pitches and have become a favorite classroom instrument around the world!

Whether teaching kiddos about basic music concepts, booming along to your favorite songs, or channeling your inner Blue Man Group, these tuned percussion tubes offer something for everyone! Come pick up a set of Boomwhackers this weekend...and then join us for our Boomwhacker Workshop (for ages 2 to 6) this Sunday from 4pm to 5pm!

More information can be found at:

Gold Tone ResoUke

One part ukulele, one part resonator, the Gold Tone ResoUke combines the best of both worlds with the comfortable playability of a concert scale ukulele and a brass body that projects a loud, distinct tone unlike any other ukulele in your collection!

Gold Tone ResoUke 1.jpg

The Gold Tone Resouke features a reverse-cone resonator with biscuit bridge and the resonant brass body carries the sound with beautiful echoing lows and clear, cutting strums. The Gold Tone/Beard resonator coverplate features a removable palm rest, so there's no need to detach the strings and remove the entire coverplate in order to adjust string action, break angle, string spacing or to replace the bridge saddle. The palm rest can also be shimmed to different heights for perfect right hand comfort. The ResoUke also features a bone nut, a Canadian hard rock maple bridge saddle, 14:1 geared Kluson-style tuning machine heads and custom-gauged Aquila Nylgut strings for the best possible tone.

This uke is a rare one for our shop, but we’re lucky to have this very lightly used instrument available now with nice, poly-foam case included. These guys are regularly priced around $450, but you can take this one home for our Friday Feature price of only $350!

Walnut Short-Scale Mountain Dulcimer

We are very excited to have Seymour, Indiana luthier Alan Brittingham join our family of builders here at Weed Patch Music Company! Alan is known for his amazing guitars (which we also carry) and his work with the Marc Adams School of Woodworking...but today we feature this unique short-scale dulcimer that Alan also built!


Reminiscent ot the McSpadden Ginger model dulcimers, but with a sound and look all it's own, this is one you should definitely check out!  This incredibly unique dulcimer features a Walnut Top/Sides/Back, Maple Neck Blocks, Ebony Headstock/Fingerboard/Bridge, Black/Blue Maple Rosette, Green Abalone Shell Inlay and Fret Markers, Black Corian Nut and Saddle, and Cosmo Black Gotoh 510 Mini Tuners. Regularly priced at $399.95 but available this weekend for 10% off!

Vintage "Singing Cowboys" Acoustic Guitar

Singing Cowboys 1.jpg

This Vintage Harmony "Singing Cowboys" Acoustic Flat Top Guitar is a true Vintage Collector's Item!   Made in the USA by Harmony (Supertone) between 1938-1943, this guitar was one of the "Cowboys" series of guitars made by Harmony and sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co. beginning in the 1930's and carrying on throughout the 1960's.  In the depths of the Great Depression, people turned to entertainment for distraction, and one such entertainment was the music of Gene Autry and other "Cowboy Singers" frequently heard on radio programs and later television and movies.  This guitar series made by Harmony paid homage to these great Cowboys.

 This Vintage Collector's guitar features a stenciled Western Chuck Wagon Scene and is equipped with a new chrome tailpiece, rosewood flat-top floating bridge, new open-gear tuning machines, and new nut.  This guitar is all set up and ready to play or take it home as the perfect addition to your Vintage Guitar Collection - only $119.99!

Gold Tone Little Gem Banjo Ukulele

We are very excited to now be carrying banjoleles by Gold Tone Music! These little banjo ukuleles have a bright, loud sound and are easy to play! And, at only $160, this is one you don’t want to pass up!

Available in Clear Diamond, Purple Sapphire, Blue Amethyst, or Ruby Red

Available in Clear Diamond, Purple Sapphire, Blue Amethyst, or Ruby Red

Winner of the "Best in Show" award at Summer NAMM 2018, these Little Gem Banjo Ukes feature a composite see-through rim and resonator and are available in 4 colors - Clear Diamond, Ruby Red, Purple Sapphire, and Blue Amethyst. The Little Gems also have comfortable maple necks, sealed tuners, adjustable truss rods, and Gold Tone gig bags.

Available now in all four colors at Weed Patch Music Company! Contact us for more info!

Recording King Dirty 30's Parlor Guitar

The Recording King Dirty 30’s Series 7 is a Single 0 Guitar with a sound that will definitely impress you! Whether headed out on the road or matching the vibe of an intimate session is your go-to-guitar for that woody, boxy vintage sound!

Recording King (RPS-7-GY) Dirty 30’s Series 7 Single 0 Parlor Guitar, Matte Grey

Recording King (RPS-7-GY) Dirty 30’s Series 7 Single 0 Parlor Guitar, Matte Grey

With super clean Cross Lap bracing and top quality materials, the Series 7 packs a punch. 

The spruce top provides the foundation for classic acoustic tone beneath the icy Matte Gray finish. The bound soundhole and Harmonella stencil fretboard markers are both functional and stylistic.

The Series 7 has a bone nut and saddle for excellent sustain, and ivory-button tuning machines for traditional mojo. 

For a classic vintage sound, unique look, and easy playability, this is the guitar for you. On Sale this weekend for 10% off!!!