Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are fun for all ages!  A set of Boomwhackers contains a full C Major Diatonic Scale, allowing you to create a variety of songs and sounds.  These lightweight, hollow tubes are color-coded and tuned to musical pitches by length.  Just strike the Boomwhackers together, on the floor, or on nearly any surface to create a musical tone!

Boomwhackers have become one of the most popular musical learning tools in classrooms and music therapy sessions around the world!  Perfect for preschool and elementary school classrooms, or for a little musical fun at home, Boomwhackers are a great way to get kids interested and learning about music at an early age!

But, Boomwhackers aren't just for kids!  These tuned percussion tubes have also become a popular tool for corporate events and festivals, as well.  And all of you creative types will love coming up with interesting and unique ways to make music with Boomwhackers!  Many popular musical artists have even begun incorporating Boomwhackers into their songs!  There is truly no limit to the creative possibilities!