Hammered Dulcimers by the Former White River Dulcimer Company

White River Dulcimer Company was the former home of the Meadowlark, Traveler, and Navigator hammered dulcimers.  From 2016 to 2018, these quality instruments were built by Michael Opp and Brent Schindler in Indianapolis, IN.  In May of 2018, White River Dulcimer company was sold back to Rick Thum in Missouri, the originator of these finely crafted instruments.  Rick Thum is widely known as one of the most influential dulcimer players of the last decade and an incredible luthier with many years of experience.  We look forward to working with Rick in the future!

While we are sad to announce this closing of White River Dulcimer Company as we know it, we are very lucky to have the final batch of these great instruments in stock in our store!  These quality, affordable hammered dulcimers were made with an incredible dedication to quality , a great attention to detail, and a price that can't be beat!  If you have ever considered purchasing a Hammered Dulcimer, you surely don't want to miss out on this offer!

Meadowlark 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer - Only 3 Remaining!!!

Meadowlark 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer - Only 3 Remaining!!!

The Meadowlark 13/12 hammered dulcimer (shown above), was built with the student in mind and has been in production for over twenty years. Fun and intuitive to play, the Meadowlark is the perfect instrument to build your foundation. Constructed from quality materials, the Meadowlark boasts hard maple pin blocks, a walnut frame and comes standard with a Baltic birch-ply top.  We only have 3 remaining Meadowlark Dulcimers in stock!!! Don't miss out!!!

The final batch of these hammered dulcimers is here and there are only a few remaining! Take advantage of this Special Offer and take home a part of White River Dulcimer Company history!!!

Meadowlark Package = 10% off our Regular Package Price (Regularly Priced at $399.99)

Package includes:  Hammered Dulcimer, Padded Carrying Case, Set of Hammers, Tuning Hammer, Dowel Stand for Tabletop Use.