Outdoor Ukuleles for that Perfect Summer Day

Finally, a great sounding ukulele that you can take, quite literally, anywhere!  These rugged composite ukuleles made by Eddy Finn make the perfect travel companion - Take them to the beach, on your boat, strapped to your kayak, or on your camping trip!  The tough composite ABS material makes these instruments immune to temperature and humidity changes in the way that a wooden ukulele does and they are still able to provide a bright and loud sound!

Eddy Finn's Beachcomber Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano-Sized Beachcomber makes the perfect beginner ukulele or fun addition to your ukulele collection.  At a price that is equal to or lower than many wooden ukuleles, and with a sound that's even better than many, this ukulele will be your new best friend! And it even comes with a water-resistant padded gig bag!


Beachcomber Uke 1.jpg

Eddy Finn's Beachmaster Concert Ukulele

A Concert-Sized Beach Ukulele is an extremely rare find, and these Beachmaster Ukuleles do not disappoint!  The sound hole on the side of this ukulele does a great job of projecting the sound up towards the player creating an even louder sound than their Soprano siblings provide.  With a unique design, fun look, and padded water-resistant gig bag included, you don't want to miss out on this deal!


Beachmaster Uke.jpg