The Waterman Ukulele by Kala

Don’t say goodbye to Summer just yet! Grab one of these Kala Waterman Ukuleles and head out to the beach for some end of Summer fun!!! These versatile ukuleles are perfect for your outdoor adventures and fully waterproof to hold up to all the elements!!!

Originally created as an homage to the 1950’s era Maccaferri Islander Ukuleles which were once all the rage, the Waterman Ukuleles keep that Plastic Fantastic going with a ukulele made of a durable ABS composite material that is durable but still able to produce a great ukulele tone!

Kala Waterman Ukuleles are available in a variety of fun colors including Concert Sizes for $54.99 in Matte Chalkboard Black or Matte Sea Foam Green OR Soprano Sizes for $42.99 in Matte Black, Sea Foam Green, Tomato Red, Pale Yellow, Soft Pink, or Translucent! Also available is a fun Glow-in-the-Dark Soprano Waterman in Matte Aqua! All Waterman ukuleles include a tote bag so they are ready to throw over your shoulder and head out for your next adventure!!!