TK O'Brien's Pickin' Stick

Here is another fun and easy to play instrument that is perfect for all your backpacking and camping trips this summer! TK O’Brien’s Pickin’ Stick is like a cross between a guitar and a mountain dulcimer - hold it like a guitar, but play it like a dulcimer! This fun, lightweight, and easy to learn instrument is your perfect camping companion!

Each TK O’Brien Pickin’ Stick is made of Alder wood with a Mahogany neck and Walnut fretboard. Typical Pickin’ Stick tuning is DAD so dulcimer books can be used as a resource for playing. Each Pickin’ Stick includes a Carrying Case, Black Nylon Strap, Pick, Simple Playing Instructions, and a Songbook. Regularly Priced at $219.99, but available this Friday for 10% off!