Vintage "Singing Cowboys" Acoustic Guitar

Singing Cowboys 1.jpg

This Vintage Harmony "Singing Cowboys" Acoustic Flat Top Guitar is a true Vintage Collector's Item!   Made in the USA by Harmony (Supertone) between 1938-1943, this guitar was one of the "Cowboys" series of guitars made by Harmony and sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co. beginning in the 1930's and carrying on throughout the 1960's.  In the depths of the Great Depression, people turned to entertainment for distraction, and one such entertainment was the music of Gene Autry and other "Cowboy Singers" frequently heard on radio programs and later television and movies.  This guitar series made by Harmony paid homage to these great Cowboys.

 This Vintage Collector's guitar features a stenciled Western Chuck Wagon Scene and is equipped with a new chrome tailpiece, rosewood flat-top floating bridge, new open-gear tuning machines, and new nut.  This guitar is all set up and ready to play or take it home as the perfect addition to your Vintage Guitar Collection - only $119.99!