Peruvian Ocarinas

With a history from around the world, the Ocarina has an ancient, but international appeal. These vessel flutes have continued to inspire music from ancient Andean cultures through modern culture, especially a favorite of video gamers today! Check out our traditional Peruvian Ocarinas, all on special this weekend for 10% off our regular prices!!!

The Ocarina is an incredibly easy instrument to learn to play - so easy that this ancient instrument has often been mistakenly classified as a children’s toy! While it’s great, small size make it a perfect instrument for children, this flute can also be enjoyed by adults of all ages! Simply place your lips to the mouthpiece and blow while opening and closing the finger holes to produce your desired note. Many of our ocarinas contain 8-holes allowing you to play a full major/diatonic scale (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do). This gives you the ability to play a wide range of songs while still keeping the simple and easy to learn element. And, all of our Ocarinas are fair trade products, handmade in Peru, and proceeds directly benefit the village artisans who worked to create them!

Regular Ocarina prices range from $8.99 to $27.99, but this weekend you can pick up your own Ocarina for 10% off our regular prices!!!