Brown County Mouth Bows

The Mouth Bow is an instrument of African origin that has been found all over the world! Evidence of this instrument has been found as far back as 13.000 BC!! There's not many places you can find a mouth bow, but we've got 'em!

Mouth Bows.jpg

This simple string instrument was built right here in Brown County, Indiana by one of our local luthiers!  It consists of a flexible piece of Poplar, Cherry, or various other woods, and is strung with a standard guitar string of various gauges.  Thought to be one of the oldest instruments in the world, and found in nearly every culture across the globe, the Mouth Bow is easy to learn and makes a great addition to your musical collection.

Here you can check out the incredible Buffy Sainte-Marie playing a version of the Mouth Bow during her appearance on Sesame Street!

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