Electric Solid Body Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt

This Vintage Solid Body Electric Autoharp in Candy Apple Red is an incredibly unique find!  

Autoharp 1.jpg
Autoharp 2.jpg

We have searched far and wide and have not been able to find a single other Autoharp like this rare Vintage model that we have available!  This Autoharp, made by Oscar Schmidt, features 36 strings, 21 chords, and is a Solid Body Electric Model, featuring Volume and Tone Knobs, Speed and Depth Control Switches, and Built-In Chorus Effects.  This fully functioning Autoharp has all of it's strings and electronics in working order and is in near-new condition!  This is truly quite the collector's instrument!

As part of our Friday Feature Special, you can take home this Vintage Autoharp this weekend for 10% off!  Now only $382.50 (original heavy-duty hardcase included)!!!!!