Brown County, Indiana is a musician's paradise just down the road from Bill Monroe's Music Park & Campground in Bean Blossom, Indiana and home to several amazing luthiers and incredible musicians.  This is the type of community that really benefits from its local music shop.  This is why when Kara Barnard heard of the closing of Mountain Made Music, (the original music store in Nashville, IN by local luthier Bill Berg) in 2006, she knew she had to do something.

Kara Barnard and Jeffrey Russell - Original Owners of Weed Patch Music Company

Kara Barnard and Jeffrey Russell - Original Owners of Weed Patch Music Company

Kara joined forces with local banjo builder Jeffrey Russell in 2007 to start Weed Patch Music Company, still in its current location directly east of the courthouse in downtown Nashville, Indiana.  Kara understood the importance of having a hub like Weed Patch Music Company for all of the local musicians and tourists alike. In 2007, Kara said this of the goal of Weed Patch Music Company, "I can cater to the tourist that comes in town, who wants a good guitar for ninety bucks, but I also want this to be an opportunity to sample custom made guitars you won’t ever see again."

In 2012, Kara sold her portion of the business to banjo builder Jeffrey Russell in order to pursue other interests.  Jeffrey Russell could be seen many days building his banjos in the store, and continuing to provide a local place for talented builders to showcase and sell their incredible instruments.

In 2016, when Jeff himself was ready to pursue other things, Kara knew she couldn't let this opportunity pass her by!  It was then that Kara contacted former student and friend, Kristin Thompson, and the two women decided to revive Weed Patch Music Company under new ownership!  Today the shop continues to thrive, still located in that same roomy shop off Main Street in the alley on Old School Way.  To find out more about Kara and Kristin, click here.