Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sales!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting small businesses this holiday season! This weekend we have so many Special Deals that there’s almost too many to mention! From Instrument Packages to Banjo deals to Free Gig Bags to Stocking Stuffers, we’re giving you lots of reasons to come and visit!

Here are just a few of our Specials for this weekend:

  • 10% off the Deering Goodtime Two Resonator Banjo (Regularly Priced at $679.00)

  • 10% off any Guitar Package Special - You Choose: Any Acoustic Guitar, Any Gig Bag or Hardshell Case, Any Guitar Strap, Any Beginner Book or Songbook, with a Weed Patch Logo Guitar Pick

  • 10% off Beginner Banjo Package Special - You Choose: Any Banjo, Any Gig Bag or Hardshell Case, Any Banjo Strap, Weed Patch Music’s Beginner Banjo Primer, 2 Fingerpicks & 1 Thumbpick

  • 10% off Ukulele Package Special - You Choose: Any Ukulele, Any Gig Bag or Hardshell Case, Black Folding Ukulele Stand, Weed Patch Music’s Ukulele Fact Sheet

  • Stocking Stuffer Savings Packages - Only $10. Includes: Slide Whistle, Egg Shaker, Colorful Harmonica, Nose Flute, and Kazoo

  • Free Gig Bag with the purchase of any Savannah Mandolin

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Diamondhead Soprano Ukuleles

These Diamondhead Soprano Ukuleles in bright and fun rainbow colors are always a huge hit!

Diamondhead Soprano Ukulele 1.jpg

It is hard to find a ukulele under $50 that is NOT just a toy, but these Diamondhead Ukes definitely fit the bill! With a strong maple body and a gloss or satin finish, these ukuleles have long-lasting durability for the interested little one but with good intonation and playability for any beginner ukulele player. With geared guitar-style tuners and pre-stretched strings, these ukes stay in tune and play great!

Now is the time to check out our Friday Feature on these fun ukuleles! Each Diamondhead Soprano Ukulele purchased this weekend (while supplies last) includes Gig Bag, Black Ukulele Clip Strap, and Weed Patch Music Company’s Ukulele Fact Sheet to get you started playing- All for only $39.99!!!

Still not sure if these ukuleles can actually be played? Just check out our video below!

Diamondhead Friday Feature.jpg

1960's Ford Hubcap Dulcimer Strumstick

Today we feature another 100% unique locally built instrument - The One-of-a-Kind 1960’s Ford Hubcab Pickin’ Stick! This is something you definitely don’t see everyday!

HubCap Strumstick 1.jpg

This unique Strumstick Pickin’ Stick was built by local Nashville, Indiana dulcimer player Jim Earl! Jim is a creative soul who has spent many years doing a variety of woodworking projects personally and professionally and has recently begun exploring the world of musical instrument luthiery! His creative flair adds a very unique touch to all of his instruments and he clearly strives for excellent quality in his builds.

This Strumstick is fun and easy to play making it a perfect first instrument or an interesting addition to your musical collection.  Built with a Dulcimer neck and tuned to Open D tuning, it is hard to hit a bad note on these strumsticks!  This particular Pickin’ Stick also comes with the added benefit of being equipped with a pickup for playing as an Electric as well as an Acoustic!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get this absolutely one-of-a-kind instrument - Available this weekend only for 10% off!!!! Regularly priced at $399.99, but available this weekend for only $359.99!!!

Casio Casiotone CT-640 Keyboard

Here’s a rare item that we don’t often have in stock - The Casio Casiotone CT-640 Keyboard! This was Casio’s first keyboard based on sampled sounds and we have one in like-new condition!


This keyboard is bundled with a stand and power source adapter - everything you need to get started playing! It features 61 keys, 30 sounds, 20 rhythms, and 49 rhythm sounds. It has built-in speakers, is MIDI-enabled, and also accepts batteries as a power source. This will make the perfect gift for that new piano player in your life! Super affordable price this weekend only - $75!!! Don’t miss out!

Rocky Top Hoedown Resonator Banjo

If you’re searching for an affordable beginner banjo that still looks good and sounds great, then the Morgan Monroe Rocky Top Hoedown Banjo is the one for you!

This great beginner banjo from Morgan-Monroe Instruments is a fantastic playing banjo that gives someone starting out a pro quality instrument while the seasoned pro will appreciate the playability right out of the box! Vibrant and alive, this Hoedown banjo delivers all the tone any player could ask for without compromise! Available this weekend only as part of our Friday Feature Special with a Free Gig Bag - Resonator Version (with gig bag) only $169.99 and Open Back Version (with gig bag) only $159.99!!!

Recording King RR-60-VS Professional Wood Body Resonator

The traditional squareneck design and vintage sunburst finish make the Recording King Professional Resonator an instant classic.

Friday Feature Special Package Discount! Includes: Recording King RR-60-VS Professional Wood Body Squareneck Resonator Guitar, Deluxe Guardian Archtop Hardshell Case (CG-022-SQ), and Shubb SP-2 Stainless Steel Guitar Slide. Retail Price regularly over $850, but you can get it all this weekend for only $599.99!!!! Don’t miss it!

Friday Feature Special Package Discount! Includes: Recording King RR-60-VS Professional Wood Body Squareneck Resonator Guitar, Deluxe Guardian Archtop Hardshell Case (CG-022-SQ), and Shubb SP-2 Stainless Steel Guitar Slide. Retail Price regularly over $850, but you can get it all this weekend for only $599.99!!!! Don’t miss it!

The Professional is crafted from mahogany with a parallelogram soundwell and 12-Fret neck joint. The hand-spun Recording King cone delivers true, loud resonator tone, and the traditional design features like rounded soundhole screens and slotted screws conjure vintage mojo.

The bone nut and the maple/ebony saddle help give it great sustain, and Grover tuning machines keep it in tune.

For this weekend only, you can take advantage of a Special Package Deal Discount on this beautiful RR-60-VS Resonator Guitar, Deluxe Archtop Hardshell Case, and Shubb SP-2 Slide for only $599.99! For a savings of over $200 off of the combined list prices on these items, you really don’t want to miss this special deal! This weekend only!

Eddy Finn Tiki Top Ukuleles

Eddy Finn is proud to introduce their new Tiki Top Ukulele Collection - Now available at Weed Patch Music Company! Get a special deal of 10% off any Tiki Top Ukulele in stock in our store this weekend as part of our Friday Feature Special!!!


Each Tiki model has precision laser cut graphics depicting three different Tiki motifs on the body as well as the headstock face. Available in your choice of Soprano Zebrawood Pineapple Shape or Concert Mahogany Model with the ever popular Round Body Style!

Contact us for more information on pricing and availability! These ukes won’t last long!!

Peruvian Ocarinas

With a history from around the world, the Ocarina has an ancient, but international appeal. These vessel flutes have continued to inspire music from ancient Andean cultures through modern culture, especially a favorite of video gamers today! Check out our traditional Peruvian Ocarinas, all on special this weekend for 10% off our regular prices!!!

The Ocarina is an incredibly easy instrument to learn to play - so easy that this ancient instrument has often been mistakenly classified as a children’s toy! While it’s great, small size make it a perfect instrument for children, this flute can also be enjoyed by adults of all ages! Simply place your lips to the mouthpiece and blow while opening and closing the finger holes to produce your desired note. Many of our ocarinas contain 8-holes allowing you to play a full major/diatonic scale (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do). This gives you the ability to play a wide range of songs while still keeping the simple and easy to learn element. And, all of our Ocarinas are fair trade products, handmade in Peru, and proceeds directly benefit the village artisans who worked to create them!

Regular Ocarina prices range from $8.99 to $27.99, but this weekend you can pick up your own Ocarina for 10% off our regular prices!!!

Gourd Percussion Instruments

Tomorrow is the official first day of Fall, and in honor of Brown County’s favorite season, we will be offering 10% off any of our fabulous Gourd Percussion Instruments - Today and Tomorrow only!!!!

Gourd Percussion Instruments.jpg

We are proud to carry a wide variety of Gourd Percussion Instruments, all handcrafted by local artisan Sue Westhues! Sue began her gourd creations with the planting of a single package of gourd seeds and the intention of creating a few birdhouses.  Now Sue has created a full career of gourd art and instruments.  Having appeared on the Home Gardening Channel and in several books and publications, she has gained quite a lot of popularity.  We are excited to provide a variety of primitive instruments created by Sue, with everything from hand drums to friction drums to shakers and more! There is sure to be something for everyone!

Just check out these Thunder Drums, one of our favorite Gourd Percussion Creations:

Build your own Hurdy Gurdy!

The incredible Ukranian company, UGears, creates amazing 3D self assembly models that are fun to assemble as well as educational! Check out one of their newest creations, and our featured product - The world’s first mechanical musical model, The UGears Hurdy Gurdy!!!


Inspired by the art of Celtic and Scandinavian medieval craftsmen, this UGears Hurdy Kit features a highly detailed wooden body that looks remarkably akin to the original 16th century hurdy gurdy, giving it a wonderfully medieval aesthetic. And while this model brings you hours of fun in it’s creation, it also creates a fully fledged musical instrument for even more hours of fun!

Hurdy Gurdy Kits Regularly Priced at $75


Morgan Monroe Tux and Tails Banjo

Brand new banjo by Morgan Monroe!  These are a Limited Edition Banjo - only 50 were ever produced and we're lucky enough to have one in stock!  You don't want to miss this special deal!  Regularly priced at $799.99 , but available this weekend for 10% off (with Deluxe Hardshell Case Included)!!

Morgan Monroe Professional series MB-TT  Tux and Tails Open Back Banjo - Limited Edition

Morgan Monroe Professional series MB-TT Tux and Tails Open Back Banjo - Limited Edition

Tux and Tails Close up.jpg

This banjo has a great sleek black look and an incredible tone to match!  Featuring a Whyte Laydie Tone Ring (a 3-piece tone ring with steel and scalloped brass), this banjo brings a quick response with notes that just jump off the Remo clear head.   Additional professional features abound with a 3 ply Maple Rim, Mahogany Neck, African Walnut Fretboard, Planetary Banjo Tuners, a Waverly Tailpiece, and a Deluxe Hardshell Case Included. This banjo is sure to be a favorite among old time and clawhammer or frailing style banjo players! 

FRIDAY FEATURE SPECIAL PRICE = $719.99 (Includes Deluxe Hardshell Case)


Recording King Lily of the Valley Parlor Guitar

This Limited Edition Series 7 Lily of the Valley Small-Body Guitar sounds as cool as it looks!  Available only from Independent Music Stores, and additional discounts this weekend only as part of our Friday Feature Special!

RK Lily Of The Valley Image.jpg

The Recording King Dirty 30s Series 7 Lily-of-the-Valley is a limited-edition guitar with truly unique beauty and tone.  The solid spruce top is responsive to your playing dynamics thanks to the clean Cross Lap Bracing. With a bone nut and saddle and 25.4" scale length, you can be sure to get great projection even from this small body guitar.  Now with an added Gold Foil soundhole pickup, the Series 7 Lily of the Valley is ready to go, on stage or in the studio.

Lily 1.jpg

With a limited run of only 300 total made, and a List Price of only $266.99, you really don't want to miss out on our Friday Feature Special Prices!!!!  Now only $199.99!!!

Mainland Mango Concert Ukuleles

What's not to love about Mainland Ukuleles, our pals just down the road here in Brown County, Indiana!  This home grown family business is dedicated to providing quality performance ukuleles at a great price.  And, this weekend you can save even more with 10% off your total price of any Mainland Ukulele plus Hardcase!

Mainland Uke Special.jpg

Check out the incredible sound of this Mainland Mango Concert Ukulele!  The Mango tonewood gives this uke a unique look and sound.  Deep and resonant like mahogany, it also offers sweet, crystalline highs like koa, but with mid-range strength and clarity reminiscent of Sitka spruce.  


Mainland Mango Concert Ukulele with Hardcase = $323.98

Slotted Headstock Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with Hardcase = $341.98

Celtic Folk Harp by Argent Fox Music

This beautiful Lady Annabella Celtic Folk Harp was built locally by Dan Speer of Argent Fox Music (Solsberry, IN).  This diatonic, smaller sized Sassafras Harp features 24 nylon strings in the key of C.  For over 30 years, Argent Fox Music has been known for providing incredible Celtic and Renaissance style harps with quality and durability in mind at affordable prices!  And this weekend only, you can save even more money with an additional 10% off of The Lady Annabella Harp!

Folk Harp 1.jpg

The Celtic Harp has had a long history, with similar Irish Harps first appearing in Medieval Western Europe in the 8th to 10th centuries AD.  Diatonic Harps, or Renaissance Harps, have been popular since around 1800 AD and played a very important role in Gaelic culture, legend, and folklore. Today, the Irish Folk harp remains popular and is an important part of Irish and world culture.

These harps are typically priced at $750, but this weekend only, as part of our Friday Feature Special, we will be offering a discount of 10% off of these regular prices!  Available this weekend for only $675!!!!

Gretsch G6122 Country Classic II Guitar

Descending from the greatest jazz guitars of the 20th century, the Gretsch G6122-1962 Country Classic Electric Guitar combines stellar tone from Filter'Tron adjustable pickups and a laminated maple body with astounding visuals provided by 24k gold hardware, ebony fretboard, offset markers, multiple body binding, plus a bound fretboard and headpiece. With 2-1/4" body depth, solid brass gold-plated knobs, deluxe high-ratio tuners, and a gold-plated Bigsby, the Country Classic is definitely the King of Swing!

Mint Condition Gretsch G6122SP - Country Classic II (2005)

Mint Condition Gretsch G6122SP - Country Classic II (2005)

This 1962 Reissued Gretsch Guitar has been a favorite of many famous musicians over the years since first being endorsed by the great Chet Atkins in 1962 under the name the Gretsch "Country Gentleman".  George Harrison of the Beatles was also a proud owner of this Gretsch model, appearing with it on the Ed Sullivan show and using it during the Beatles first US tour.  It has also been a favorite of Elvis Presley, who owned this same style model during it's manufacturing as the Gretsch "Country Classic".

Gretsch Country Gentleman Chet Atkins 2.jpg

We are excited to offer this "used" guitar, which is in mint condition, still has the plastic truss rod cover, plastic pickguard cover, padding on the vibrato bar, and has nearly NEVER been played!!!  With only one previous owner (purchased new in 2005) and all of the original Gretsch Certificates and Proofs of Purchase included, this is truly a rare find!! These beauties sell new for $2999.99, but we're offering you a deal at only $2450 for this beauty - that's nearly $550 below our big box store competitors!  Don't miss out on this rare opportunity!

Gretsch G6122SP Country Classic - Custom Edition (2005)

·         3-piece laminated rock-maple neck

·         Ebony fingerboard

·         Adjustable truss rod

·         25-1/2" scale, joined at 18th fret

·         Bound headpiece and fingerboard

·         Headpiece, pearl-inlaid, with 24k gold-plated name plate

·         Neoclassic position markers

·         17" wide, 2-1/4" deep

·         Laminated maple construction

·         Simulated F-holes

·         Multiple binding

·         Double cutaway

·         Dual high-sensitive Filter'Tron adjustable pickups

·         Pickup selector switch

·         Tone switch

·         Standby switch

·         Volume control for each pickup

·         Master volume control

·         24k gold-plated metal parts

·         Solid brass control knobs, 24k gold-plated

·         Deluxe high-gear-ratio enclosed machines

·         Zero fret

·         Bar bridge

·         Gretsch Bigsby flat handle vibrato tailpiece

·         Walnut stain finish, hand-polished


Brown County Mouth Bows

The Mouth Bow is an instrument of African origin that has been found all over the world! Evidence of this instrument has been found as far back as 13.000 BC!! There's not many places you can find a mouth bow, but we've got 'em!

Mouth Bows.jpg

This simple string instrument was built right here in Brown County, Indiana by one of our local luthiers!  It consists of a flexible piece of Poplar, Cherry, or various other woods, and is strung with a standard guitar string of various gauges.  Thought to be one of the oldest instruments in the world, and found in nearly every culture across the globe, the Mouth Bow is easy to learn and makes a great addition to your musical collection.

Here you can check out the incredible Buffy Sainte-Marie playing a version of the Mouth Bow during her appearance on Sesame Street!

Pick up your own Brown County Mouth Bow this weekend for 10% off!

Handmade Guitars by Thomas Roeger (Bloomington, IN)

Guitars by Tom Roeger.jpg

Check out these beautiful handcrafted guitars by local Bloomington, Indiana luthier Thomas Roeger!  We are very proud to have Tom as the builder of the winning guitar for the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival (this weekend in Brown County) and to stock a variety of his beautiful guitars here at our shop!  Don't miss out on our special offer of 10% off any of Tom's guitars this weekend only!!













Hammered Dulcimers by the Former White River Dulcimer Company

White River Dulcimer Company was the former home of the Meadowlark, Traveler, and Navigator hammered dulcimers.  From 2016 to 2018, these quality instruments were built by Michael Opp and Brent Schindler in Indianapolis, IN.  In May of 2018, White River Dulcimer company was sold back to Rick Thum in Missouri, the originator of these finely crafted instruments.  Rick Thum is widely known as one of the most influential dulcimer players of the last decade and an incredible luthier with many years of experience.  We look forward to working with Rick in the future!

While we are sad to announce this closing of White River Dulcimer Company as we know it, we are very lucky to have the final batch of these great instruments in stock in our store!  These quality, affordable hammered dulcimers were made with an incredible dedication to quality , a great attention to detail, and a price that can't be beat!  If you have ever considered purchasing a Hammered Dulcimer, you surely don't want to miss out on this offer!

Meadowlark 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer - Only 3 Remaining!!!

Meadowlark 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer - Only 3 Remaining!!!

The Meadowlark 13/12 hammered dulcimer (shown above), was built with the student in mind and has been in production for over twenty years. Fun and intuitive to play, the Meadowlark is the perfect instrument to build your foundation. Constructed from quality materials, the Meadowlark boasts hard maple pin blocks, a walnut frame and comes standard with a Baltic birch-ply top.  We only have 3 remaining Meadowlark Dulcimers in stock!!! Don't miss out!!!

The final batch of these hammered dulcimers is here and there are only a few remaining! Take advantage of this Special Offer and take home a part of White River Dulcimer Company history!!!

Meadowlark Package = 10% off our Regular Package Price (Regularly Priced at $399.99)

Package includes:  Hammered Dulcimer, Padded Carrying Case, Set of Hammers, Tuning Hammer, Dowel Stand for Tabletop Use. 

Outdoor Ukuleles for that Perfect Summer Day

Finally, a great sounding ukulele that you can take, quite literally, anywhere!  These rugged composite ukuleles made by Eddy Finn make the perfect travel companion - Take them to the beach, on your boat, strapped to your kayak, or on your camping trip!  The tough composite ABS material makes these instruments immune to temperature and humidity changes in the way that a wooden ukulele does and they are still able to provide a bright and loud sound!

Eddy Finn's Beachcomber Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano-Sized Beachcomber makes the perfect beginner ukulele or fun addition to your ukulele collection.  At a price that is equal to or lower than many wooden ukuleles, and with a sound that's even better than many, this ukulele will be your new best friend! And it even comes with a water-resistant padded gig bag!


Beachcomber Uke 1.jpg

Eddy Finn's Beachmaster Concert Ukulele

A Concert-Sized Beach Ukulele is an extremely rare find, and these Beachmaster Ukuleles do not disappoint!  The sound hole on the side of this ukulele does a great job of projecting the sound up towards the player creating an even louder sound than their Soprano siblings provide.  With a unique design, fun look, and padded water-resistant gig bag included, you don't want to miss out on this deal!


Beachmaster Uke.jpg

The Incredible Canjo!

This is what we mean when we say "We have something for everyone"!  Check out our Single-String Canjos made by us at Weed Patch Music Company!


These fun and easy to play instruments are built with only one string and use a variety of sizes and styles of cans that act as a banjo resonator helping to amplify the sound of this fun li'l instrument. Our Canjos are fretted diatonically (like a mountain dulcimer) making them super-easy to play! This means we only put the good notes in there, so even if you've never played a stringed instrument before, now you can!  Just think of any simple melody and get pickin'!

Canjos now available for $5 off our regular price!  Only $24.99 this weekend!!!

FRIDAY FEATURE SPECIAL = $24.99 (this weekend only!)