Recording King Dirty 30's Single 0 Guitar

With a cool vintage look and a modest price tag, this Recording King Dirty 30's Series Single 0 Parlor guitar is one you should definitely check out!  And, you can get if for 10% off today!

Recording King RPS7.jpg

Like many of the Recording King guitars before it, this guitar pays homage to Depression-era guitars with a unique vintage styling.  The tobacco sunburst finished spruce top is striking and framed by vintage-style checkerboard binding, complete with a bound soundhole, Harmonella stencil fretboard inlays, bone nut and saddle, and ivory-button tuning machines.  The smaller body size and slim neck profile make it exceptionally comfortable for smaller players.  This li'l guitar is fun and effortlessly playable!


Tenor Ukulele Specials!

Tenor Ukulele Special.jpg

This weekend we are offering 10% off TWO of our favorite Tenor Ukuleles here at Weed Patch Music Company!

Nothing beats a locally-built instrument, and once you get your hands on this Handmade Tenor Ukulele by Steve Taft of Shelburn, Indiana, you'll see why!  This solid mahogany ukulele with a rosewood fretboard and bone nut/saddle has an incredible sound and is so easy to play!  Pick up this ukulele this weekend for only $405!

For a great tenor ukulele at an incredibly affordable price, check out the Diamondhead Tenor Ukulele.  This mahogany ukulele is currently strung with a low "G" string set, giving it a rich, deep tone.  Perfect for picking out some fingerstyle ukulele, baritone runs, or classical and flamenco style playing.  Try it out this weekend for only $84.85 (Gig bag included)!!


The Loar "Performer Series" Mandolin

The Loar LM-520VS F-Style Mandolin is your no frills, high-quality, great-sounding, hand-carved mandolin.  This high value mandolin delivers the high end tone, chop, and projection that mandolin players have come to expect from great mandolins by The Loar.

Featuring a hand-carved fully graduated spruce top, solid hand-carved maple back, and solid maple back and sides, this all-solid package can't be beat!  The maple neck has a comfortable rounded “V” profile finished with a padauk fretboard. The compensated adjustable ebony bridge and high quality vintage-style Grover tuning machines insure that these mandolins have great intonation and stay in tune no matter how hard they are played.

Perfect for players who want a high-quality, great-sounding hand-carved mandolin but don’t need all of the bells and whistles!  Get one today for 10% our regular prices!


Loar LM590 - front.jpg
Loar LM590 - close.jpg



Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes are fun for all ages!  A set of Boomwhackers contains a full C Major Diatonic Scale, allowing you to create a variety of songs and sounds.  These lightweight, hollow tubes are color-coded and tuned to musical pitches by length.  Just strike the Boomwhackers together, on the floor, or on nearly any surface to create a musical tone!

Boomwhackers have become one of the most popular musical learning tools in classrooms and music therapy sessions around the world!  Perfect for preschool and elementary school classrooms, or for a little musical fun at home, Boomwhackers are a great way to get kids interested and learning about music at an early age!

But, Boomwhackers aren't just for kids!  These tuned percussion tubes have also become a popular tool for corporate events and festivals, as well.  And all of you creative types will love coming up with interesting and unique ways to make music with Boomwhackers!  Many popular musical artists have even begun incorporating Boomwhackers into their songs!  There is truly no limit to the creative possibilities!


Military Veteran Commemorative Dulcimer

Arnold Military Dulcimer - Front and Back.jpg

Handcrafted Dulcimer Made by Bill Arnold of Greencastle, Indiana

Today, in honor of Veterans Day, we feature this handcrafted Military Veteran Commemorative Dulcimer.  This beautiful 4-String mountain dulcimer features Cherry on the Top, Back, and Sides, offering a nice, bright sound with a warmth in the bass.  With a bubinga fretboard, abalone and wooden inlays, and gotoh tuners, this dulcimer is truly unique and with a sound to match.


Diamondhead Soprano Ukuleles

1. Diamondhead DU-100 Colored Ukuleles.png

Join the ukulele craze with your very own Diamondhead Soprano Ukulele - Available in bright, fun rainbow colors for everyone to enjoy! 

These ukuleles are constructed with the same attention to detail that one might expect in more costly instruments, but at an affordable price to get you started! The maple wood construction imparts a crisp, bright edge to the otherwise warm, airy island sound that is most familiar to all.  The painted fingerboards have accurately spaced, smooth and polished frets, while the guitar-style, geared tuners are accurate and effectively take the guesswork out of tuning.  And, each ukulele comes with it's own color-matched gig bag!


Diamonhead Ukes 1.jpg

1950's Vintage Harmony Acoustic Archtop Guitar

Did you know that in addition to providing beautifully handcrafted local instruments and a wide variety of new instruments for every level player, we also frequently carry unique and interesting Vintage instruments as well?

Harmony 1.jpg
Harmony 3.jpg

Check out this 1950's Vintage Harmony Acoustic Archtop Guitar! Today we feature this awesome vintage guitar for 10% off!


Morgan-Monroe Jet Black Banjo

Morgan-Monroe MB-75BK 5-String Banjo

MB 75 BK - Black Banjo 1.jpg

The Morgan Monroe Jet Black Banjo offers a modern take on a traditional favorite.  This 30-bracket resonator banjo offers a unique look, featuring an all black custom Remo slick head which gives the banjo a brighter, tinny tone.   With black satin-finished Mahogany resonator, rim, and neck and black chrome hardware, this banjo has that unique cool look that matches it's sound!


Ortega Earth Series Ukuleles

Available in Coal Black, Fire Red, Forest Green, and Ocean Blue

Available in Coal Black, Fire Red, Forest Green, and Ocean Blue

These Ortega Earth Series Ukuleles are perfect for playing for fun but also have an outstanding quality level for professionals as well!  Each of these Concert sized ukuleles is built with Okoume Top, Back, & Sides, Mahogany Neck, Sonokelin Fretboard & Bridge, Chrome Tuning Machines, Satin Color Finish, and Aquila Concert Strings.


Instrument Hardcases

Archtop Hardshell Cases by Guardian

Available for: Dreadnaught or Classical Guitar, Resonator or Open-Back Banjo, and A-Model or F-Model Mandolins.  Other sizes and instruments available by Special Order!

Available for: Dreadnaught or Classical Guitar, Resonator or Open-Back Banjo, and A-Model or F-Model Mandolins.  Other sizes and instruments available by Special Order!

Guardian Archtop Hardshell Cases are extremely affordable yet durable cases that are perfect for keeping your instruments safe and sound!  With a rigid arched top, cross-grained wood construction, gold-plated latches, and a luxurious grey plush lining, these cases offer ubeatable value!


Hohner Harmonicas

All in-stock Hohner Harmonicas only $35.95 each!  This weekend only!

Hohner Harmonicas - The top leading brand in harmonicas!  Handmade in Trossingen, Germany.

Hohner Harmonicas - The top leading brand in harmonicas!  Handmade in Trossingen, Germany.

Hohner 532 Blues Harp MS Series

The Hohner 532 Blues Harp Harmonica helps you dig in deep and experience the raw power and grit of the blues. The Blues Harp is engineered for consistent volume and tone that's ideal for intense blues playing. The Hohner Blues Harp can hang with the toughest harmonica players on their most serious gigs. The Blues Harp is highly bendable and has a dirty, dark, hard rockin' sound. One of Hohner's classic models, the 532 Blues Harp is emphasizes the best qualities of blues harmonica playing. Hohner builds the Blues Harp with a wood comb and thin reeds, allowing for easier note bending. Musicians like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Lil' Ronnie Owens of the Grand Dukes have favored the Hohner Blues Harp for its power and bluesy tone.

Hohner Special 20 Harmonicas

The Hohner Special 20 Harmonica features awesome response, superior bendability, and the sweetest tone ever.  The Special 20 Harp is often the first choice for those learning to play.  It's special airtight design makes it the most recommended go-to harp for harmonica players of any style, including blues, country, folk, or rock.  Fitted with a plastic comb, this harp doesn't absorb moisture making it longer lasting and a great value over all!

Hohner Big River Harmonicas

The Hohner Big River Harp is the “old reliable” of the entire Hohner line. It is a comfortable harmonica with a great volume, which makes it perfect for anyone from a beginner playing with friends to a musician in a semi-professional band. This harmonica is widely considered to be one of the best in its price range. It has 10 holes and 20 reeds, which are designed to last for a long time. The simple construction also makes it easy to adjust. So, whether you want to play some backyard tunes or bar gigs, the Big River Harp won't let you down.

Brown County Pickin' Sticks

Pickin' Stick Strumsticks made by Co-owner, Kara Barnard

Brown County Pickin' Sticks - Available as Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric

Brown County Pickin' Sticks - Available as Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric

Pickin Stick - box close up.jpg

These fun and easy to play Pickin' Sticks make a perfect first instrument or an interesting addition to your musical collection.  Built with a Dulcimer neck and tuned to Open D tuning, it is hard to hit a bad note on these strumsticks!  Pickin' Sticks are available as either an Acoustic or Acoustic-Electric variety. We have several different types and each one is unique!  Get started strummin' today!


(Prices vary, from $76.50 to $116.10)

Vintage "Singing Cowboys" Acoustic Guitar

Harmony Supertone Model S237, 1938-1943

Harmony Supertone Model S237, 1938-1943

This Vintage Harmony "Singing Cowboys" Acoustic Flat Top Guitar is a true Vintage Collector's Item!   Made in the USA by Harmony (Supertone) between 1938-1943, this guitar was one of the "Cowboys" series of guitars made by Harmony and sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co. beginning in the 1930's and carrying on throughout the 1960's.  In the depths of the Great Depression, people turned to entertainment for distraction, and one such entertainment was the music of Gene Autry and other "Cowboy Singers" frequently heard on radio programs and later television and movies.  This guitar series made by Harmony paid homage to these great Cowboys.

  This Vintage Collector's guitar features a stenciled Western Chuck Wagon Scene and is equipped with a new chrome tailpiece, rosewood flat-top floating bridge, new open-gear tuning machines, and new nut.  This guitar is all set up and ready to play or take it home as the perfect addition to your Vintage Guitar Collection!


Eddy Finn's All Terrain Ukuleles

Eddy Finn's All Terrain Beach Ukuleles - The Beachmaster and Beachcomber Ukulele

Eddy Finn's All Terrain Beach Ukuleles - The Beachmaster and Beachcomber Ukulele

Finally, a great sounding ukulele that you can take, quite literally, anywhere!  These rugged composite ukuleles make the perfect travel companion - Take them to the beach, on your boat, strapped to your kayak, or on your camping trip!  The tough composite ABS material makes these instruments immune to temperature and humidity changes in the way that a wooden ukulele does and they are still able to provide a bright and loud sound!

Eddy Finn Beachcomber Soprano Ukuleles - available in Green, Blue, Red, and Orange

Eddy Finn Beachcomber Soprano Ukuleles - available in Green, Blue, Red, and Orange

Eddy Finn's Beachcomber Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano-Sized Beachcomber makes the perfect beginner ukulele or fun addition to your ukulele collection.  At a price that is equal to or lower than many wooden ukuleles, and with a sound that's even better than many, this ukulele will be your new best friend! And it even comes with a water-resistant padded gig bag!


Eddy Finn Beachmaster Concert Ukulele - available in Orange, Blue, Red, and Green

Eddy Finn Beachmaster Concert Ukulele - available in Orange, Blue, Red, and Green

Eddy Finn's Beachmaster Concert Ukulele

A Concert-Sized Beach Ukulele is an extremely rare find, and these Beachmaster Ukuleles do not disappoint!  The sound hole on the side of this ukulele does a great job of projecting the sound up towards the player creating an even louder sound than their Soprano siblings provide.  With a unique design, fun look, and padded water-resistant gig bag included, you don't want to miss out on this deal!



15-Chord ChromaHarp Autoharp by Rhythm Band, Inc.

15-Chord ChromaHarp Autoharp by Rhythm Band, Inc.

Join the likes of The Carter Family, Dolly Parton, and more with your very own Autoharp!  Autoharps, often used as bluegrass and folk instruments, are incredibly easy to learn to play as a rhythm instrument, but also offer great rewards to the more committed player as a melody instrument.  You can get started strumming on an Autoharp as your very first instrument, or add this to your collection and develop your own complex finger-picking patterns and techniques for a more melodic sound.

Pick up this 15-Chord Autoharp today for 10% off at only $180!  Case, tuning wrench, and fingerpicks included!


Beginner Violin Outfits

The Palatino VN300 Violin Outfit - Regularly Priced in our store at only $99!

The Palatino VN300 Violin Outfit - Regularly Priced in our store at only $99!

The Palatino VN 500 Genoa Series Violin Outfit - Regularly Priced in our store at only $159.00!

The Palatino VN 500 Genoa Series Violin Outfit - Regularly Priced in our store at only $159.00!

Beginner Violins at an Affordable Price!

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the violin but just couldn't afford to get started?  Well, with our featured products - The Palatino Violin Outfits - you can now afford to test out your skills!  These entry level student model violins provide a great value for the price to get you started!

The Palatino VN-300 Violin Outfit provides an affordable violin at a great value.  The VN-300 Model Violin features a Solid Hand-Carved Spruce Top, Solid Hand-Carved Maple Back, a Satin Finish, and comes with a Featherweight Case, Mongolian Horsehair Bow, and light Rosin.  These great starters are regularly available in our store at the lowest prices around - only $99!

The Palatino VN-500 Genoa Series Violin Outfit offers a step up for beginners.  This student model violin features a Solid Hand-Carved Spruce Top, Solid Hand-Carved Flamed Maple Back, and features the upgraded Ebony Fingerboard and Tuning Pegs.  This violin outfit comes with a Deluxe Featherweight case with built-in Hygrometer and includes a Round Bow with Ebony Frog, Shoulder Rest, and light Rosin.  This outfit is regularly available in our store for only $159!



The Marimbula

The Marimbula - Built by Bill Arnold of Greencastle, Indiana

The Marimbula - Built by Bill Arnold of Greencastle, Indiana

Marimbula 2.jpg

The Marimbula is an African-derived folk instrument found largely across the Caribbean.  This plucked box musical instrument usually plays the roll of bass guitar, providing the rhythmic and harmonic support for a band.  While there are many designs and variations for this unique instrument, this version built by Bill Arnold of Greencastle, Indiana provides a great sound with 13 notes and all Baltic Birch Construction.


Deering: The Great American Banjo Company

We are excited to announce that we are now the proud dealers of banjos by the Deering Banjo Company!  These quality American made banjos from Spring Valley, CA have long been known for their outstanding quality, reliability, and playability.  Deering makes the most affordable American made beginner banjo as well as some of the most sought after professional level upgrades.  Join the likes of John Hartford, Bela Fleck, Rhiannon Giddens and others with your very own Deering banjo - On special today with the absolute lowest prices anywhere, as well as a FREE gig bag with any Deering banjo purchase!!!

Deering Goodtime Open Back Banjo - $479.00

Deering Goodtime Open Back Banjo - $479.00

The Deering Goodtime Open Back Banjo is the absolute most affordable American made beginner banjo available.  This banjo is easy to play, durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain.  The Goodtime Banjo produces a vibrant, but warm ringing tone from it's natural finished violin grade maple rim and will last for years to come.  Stop in to give it a try and see why everyone is raving about these great beginner banjos!

FRIDAY FEATURE SPECIAL - $479.00 plus a FREE Deering Gig Bag!

Deering Artisan Goodtime Americana - $889.00

Deering Artisan Goodtime Americana - $889.00

The Goodtime Artisan Americana banjo is a great sounding and playing banjo with some added upgrades!  This banjo features a 12" rim, which gives the banjo a stronger bass response and much warmer tone, reminiscent of banjos from a period when larger rims were more present.  The fullness and warmth of the larger rim is further enhanced by the addition of a 12" Renaissance head which beautifully complements the banjo both visually and sonically.  The Artisan version of the Goodtime Americana features a rich brown stain, planetary banjo tuners, banjo spikes, a scooped fretboard, and the Midnight Maple Fingerboard.

FRIDAY FEATURE SPECIAL - $889.00 plus FREE Deering Gig Bag

Beginner Books by Kara Barnard

Get started with these great beginner books!

Here at Weed Patch Music Company, we are teachers first.  One thing that we love most about having this little music store is the opportunity to sit you down with any instrument of your choosing, give you a lesson, and get you started on your journey to being a musician.  You are never to young or too old to get started playing, and we have all the resources you need to get started!

There's never been a better time to get started learning a new instrument than right now!  With our special of 10% off these Beginner Banjo and Dulcimer Primers by co-owner Kara Barnard, you'll be sure to get started off right!  These books provide everything you need to learn your new instrument.  Kara will start you off with the basics and move you through all of the skills you need to progress your playing.  And, you even get to learn 20 or more popular tunes to have you playing like a pro'!  Stop in today to pick up any of these great beginner books!